Face Painting: Birthday Party Favorite and Evolving Art Form

Face painting is a very popular kid’s activity at carnivals and birthday parties but more and more we are seeing a trend painting its way across different themes and party genres. While some things remain traditional in the world of face painting, many things are changing for the better! Professional and theatrical techniques are enhancing the potential for flare and detail, and the products are improving to meet that change in service.There is a wider spectrum of interest and demand for creativity in party planning, luckily there are equally creative people willing to supply their talent!

Now days the world of face painting is beginning to move away from the thick lines and gooey itchy paint that has long been the standard. With the introduction of finer products and safer, brighter paints, the bar has been raised on what separates an ordinary face painter from a talented face painter. A major improvement comes from the creation of quality, FDA approved products for face and body painting. Parents should be aware of the type of paint, adhesives and glitter your face painter uses, this is a big concern that you should confront when hiring a face painter. Acrylics are a no-no. Craft supplies are not for skin, there is a high risk for irritation and allergy.

Designs can be painted on your cheeks or on your full face to create a whole new character or if preferred, familiar and iconic characters. Most face painters will have photo’s to show you, but that does not always mean it is their work. A talented face painter will have their designs to show you and this is a good question to ask when looking for a genuine artist to define your celebration with a unique feature.

Arms, neck and legs are other popular areas to have painted, but in many happy mother’s opinions, no other form of body art can match the creativity inspired by the canvas of a Pregnant Belly. This is a hugely requested baby shower activity that leaves behind much more than a photo memory, but also gives a unique and fun expression of a momentous time of life that can be share with baby forever!

Cheek art is commonly intricate work and takes longer to create than full faces, but if you are looking for extreme pizazz in a full face piece, all talented face painters are going to take the time to give you the extra attention to make the full face design pop, sparkle or scare and always impress!

In the party supply planning services industry there are standards that remain traditional, most importantly that element of fun! Fun is enjoyed on both ends of the face painting experience. The artist always has a different canvas to work with and the person being painted always walks away from the face painting chair with a smile, if not, I’ve never met a face painter who will refuse to rework the design.

Almost anyone can be a face painter hobbyist, with instructions and practice they can make a bit of income. But when a skilled face painting enthusiast gets a hold of a willing face, the imagination is full of possibilities!

Personally, I have traveled all over Texas to work and had the honor of taking classes from one of the best in the industry. I have worked everywhere imaginable from street festivals to upscale gallery scenes and of course the traditional backyard birthday party or family reunion. Yet, I am still learning my trade through interacting with the kids and the young at heart alike, everyone I work with brings something new for me to add to my evolution in this art form. I am currently working in the very beautiful and richly creative Austin Texas area full time. The local Motto here is, “Keep Austin Weird”, and I have had much pleasure doing my part, painting a smile on, one face at a time!