Find Out Additional Information on Garage Floor Epoxy Paint

Most of the people do not care for their garage floors, thus nearly all the garage floors look dull. But you can make your garage attractive by utilizing epoxy paint to the garage floor. The paint will soak up grease and smear with oil marks with no trouble and make garage floor striking. Various kinds of garage floor coatings are there in market, like-polyurethane coating, epoxy coating and latex coating etc. Epoxy coating results are solid when it attaches well with the concrete and it provides tough surface that oppose stains.

As said previously, if you utilize epoxy floor coating to your garage then you will get an eye-catching view to your garage. Epoxy paint has quite a lot of benefits; therefore nowadays most of the people are choosing epoxy paint on the garage floor. Floor coatings will work for a long period of time when it applied on the concrete flooring of garage. Floor coatings are accessible in a broad range of bright colors and this type of coating is opposed to any oily, slippery, greasy or acidic stuff that source spoil to other normal paints.

Epoxy floor coating is simple to clean and it does not crack off for several years but floor coatings do not stick to every type of concrete flooring. Generally, epoxy floor coatings can be classified into three various type and epoxy paints offered two consequences, that to be mixed prior to application. Three different types of paints are 100 % hard epoxy, water based epoxy and solvent based epoxy.

100 % hard epoxy paint

In the 100 % hard type of paints, epoxy will be in its highly unpolluted form. This solid epoxy has a propensity to become hard very fast and that is the reason people find difficulty to handle this hard type of epoxy. Solid paints is very costly, therefore it suppose to be applied by expert only.

Water-based epoxy paint

As the name says, the solid content will be in between 40 to 60 % in the water-based paint. Water-based paints for epoxy do not include any potentially risk solvent vapors; hence this is the major benefit of this paint.

Solvent based epoxy paint

Solvent-based paints offer a broad range of colors and this is the reason to become very popular among people. In this type of epoxy, firm epoxy comprises 40 to 60 % of the paint. Solvent-based epoxies hold a good quality bonding agent and spread well throughout on the surface of the garage floor. This type of paint used some solvent which are dangerous in character. Solvent-based epoxy also discharge hazardous smoke, which are extremely dangerous for health if breathe inside. Therefore, when the application of this paints start, painter supposed to make use of protective gear in order to save the lungs from destruction. Once the application of solvent-based paint has completed, the garage should be kept open and well airy.