Finding The Right Oil Rig Jobs

Offshore oil rig jobs are not for everybody. The majority of these jobs are international and require a lot of travel. It is a risky and difficult task which has to be done in inclement weather. However, they offer fantastic incentives, growth potential as well as learning. The remuneration or salary is completely not an issue for the reason that, even the dishwashers earn as much as seven hundred dollars per week as starting pay.

Kinds of Jobs

There are several kinds of jobs available when working offshore on an oil rig. For example, people are hired to work at the deck, the control room, electrical and mechanical department, the catering department, rig management, as well as for drilling. Others are employed as radio operators, scaffolders, mud engineers, training and safety coordinators, rig welders, painters and medics.

The catering team comprises the camp boss, cook and the stewardess who take care of the cleaning, laundry and catering.

The rig management is made up of offshore installation managers and tool pushers. Offshore installation managers are charged with the responsibility of managing the entire rig, while tool pushers work within the rig floors and rig offices.

The mechanical department employs motormen, maintenance supervisors and mechanics who are tasked with all the mechanical operations. The electrical department hires electronic technicians, maintenance supervisors and electricians who ensure that all electrical equipment is in good working order.

On the deck, individuals are employed as roustabout and foremen. Their task is to look after the deck region. Also, there are crane operators who take charge of all crane operations. Pumpmen and Roughnecks are charged with looking after the equipment as well as taking mud weights. The dereckman’s major responsibility is maintaining the equipment in the mud.

Control room workers comprise control room operators, assistant CROs, and barge engineers who man the control room.

There are also several entry-level offshore oil rig jobs. The lower positions do not require any formal education. However the higher level jobs require some higher education. The oil industry is growing at a very fast pace and thus pursing a career within this field is very bright and prosperous. It offers you a chance to work anywhere on the globe within a work environment that has very high safety standards.

The beginning salary for an individual with no prior experience is something between forty thousand dollars to sixty thousand dollars per annum, and workers are required to work for only six months per year. In addition, the major oil firms provide life and medical insurance. It is an exciting and highly rewarding career.

These jobs require you to be in excellent physical condition; also you have to pass some medical examinations. Even though the mean age for these jobs is 26, you are free to apply for drilling contractor or coast guard posts, if you are under eighteen years of age.

Oil rig jobs are quite easy to get, if you search in the appropriate place and prepare very well. You should exercise some patience, join the industry at the entry level and climb the ladder with experience.