Green Home Design Trends

Interior design is your way of expressing yourself to whomever visits your home. Each person has a different taste, so designing a home can sometimes be a daunting task. Of course, there are professionals that can hear your thoughts and make them come alive, but first you must have an idea of what you want. Interior decorating is an ever changing market, styles come and go. Whatever you choose, it has to be something that you will enjoy.

Austin is a trendy area that has evolved with the times. The biggest fashion these days is going green. It takes only a few small steps to redesign your home in a green way. A bathroom can now be redesigned using eco-friendly materials and fixtures that will reduce your water consumption while still being stylish. Moen has released several faucets that are approved by the EPA for eco-friendliness. For the living space, look for companies that provide materials which are chemical free or made from renewable substances. Mosaic bamboo tiles can be used to spruce up a room and natural fiber rugs or beeswax candles make for great extras.

Color is, of course, a big decision to consider in home redesign. This year, many have leaned toward colors chosen from everyday life, such as your favorite wardrobe colors. Why not cover your walls with colors that you use to cover yourself? Other popular ideas this season have been colors selected to mimic nature, including colors like African Sunset and Open Savannah. Even food is getting in on the color scheme. Some favorite food inspired colors are Gazpacho and Dining Alfresco. Neutral colors have always been a staple, and are still considered a good idea in a home to allow for the room to be completed with great accents in metallic or silver. Both are very popular themes these days.

Wallpaper is also making a comeback this season. Time magazine has dubbed it “hip,” and even Oprah has encouraged it on her show. These days, wallpaper is available in many eco-friendly designs. Most are non-woven made to be easily repositioned but stick to the wall itself with great force. The seams become virtually invisible. The paper is made from natural and synthetic materials found in things like tea bags, and can even be rerolled for use in another room or home because they are tear resistant. For a bit more money, one can choose a green wallpaper made from naturally textured sea grass or bamboo. These are now available in a myriad of colors such as silver, violet and kiwi.

Updating your home d├ęcor is a great way to keep up with the trends. Austin is a city that is constantly growing, and this brings even more new ideas to the area. Remember that trends come and go. Base your home design on your own style, and you will see that will stand the test of time. Consider what is in right now and put your own flair into the project. The newest fashions can increase your home’s value if used the right way. As with any investment that is always a good thing.

Georgetown Texas Home Listings

Retaining its Texas atmosphere, coupled with a comfortable and friendly environment, it is no wonder why Georgetown Texas home listings are selling like hotcakes in the market. If you are the outdoor type of person, who loves trees and a wide open field as your backyard, you will definitely feel at home in this quaint part of Texas.

When a person thinks of Texas, the first thoughts that come into mind are ranches, horses, barns and stretches of land without trees. This is the nice thing about the city Georgetown. Not only does it have that Texas feel, it is also quite contradictory in the style of houses that they have as compared to other Texas homes. You could not believe that these home listings are really from Georgetown. This is because the houses that you find are not only spacious but reminiscent of their history. Although these houses are up to date with the latest trends in interior design, with colors and decors, it still has retained that Victorian detailing and limestone masonry that transports you to a different place and time in the 18th century. Aside from that, the whole town is pleasant city to visit and even settle in. They have a very gracious ambiance, with all the amenities you would need in a town, plus the numerous activities that they have planned for each resident all throughout the year.

If you have decided or are already 99% sure that the place you want to relocate in is in Georgetown Texas, home listings are available from several real estate agents in town. They each offer competitive prices and services that will fit your needs as well as your budget. Home listings come with their own maps and details on who, when, and how it was built and maintained. You can first make a list of those houses that you would like to view as a prospective home for you, contact the realtor who handles it so you can be shown around the area, then schedule your trip to visit. With the numerous Georgetown Texas home listings available, you might find it a bit hard to decide on what you really want. Consult your realtor for the best deals in Georgetown Texas home listings and you can be sure to get what you need.

Suited Medium Blue Texas Holdem Poker Table Felt Critical Overview

Listen, if you’re not a big time interior designer then it can be a difficult task to purchase felt cloth for your poker tables. We’re telling you this from experience, but after three years of dabbling around the Internet we finally found this Suited Medium Blue Texas Holdem Poker Table Felt that will work best for our home. Can you imagine searching for something for three entire years? It gets a little frustrating.

Call us perfectionists, but to be honest it’s not like we spend hours on the net or anything. Just from time to time we’d come across a particular piece and more times then not we passed it over. Either it didn’t match the surrounding furniture, didn’t match the table itself, or just didn’t have an appeal that would leave our guests complimenting the work we had accomplished with one little purchased.

However, it wasn’t all about the look that made the difference. We definitely had to have something that was water resistant. Why? Quite frankly everyone has spilled a drink a time or two so finding one that could combat those issues was a major bonus for us. The Suited Medium Blue Texas Holdem Poker Table Felt that we came across had a nice looking pattern and was made from polyester and olefin.

We really weren’t sure what olefin was when the name first surfaced, but it’s really just another name for polyethylene. If you’re not familiar with the terminology it’s basically a long-chain polymer synthetic fiber. The point is, having the combination gives us a sturdy cloth, with the ability to offer a few bonuses along the way. Just another reason why the Suited Medium Blue Texas Holdem Poker Table Felt was a great purchase.

The best part about making this purchase was the fact that all our researched saved us money. The place we found was not only the most inexpensive, but the customer service was unbelievably great. Our biggest concern was making sure that we didn’t over spend on material that we didn’t need. Yes, we should of got some extra in case something happened, but since it was a budget buy we weren’t really looking to take that route.

Regardless of the company, the price, and the research, the beauty of the Suited Medium Blue Texas Holdem Poker Table Felt is very professional. In fact, it’s the same type of felt that we saw when we went out to Vegas last year. We’re not sure if it’s the same exact kind, but it looks the same and that’s all that matters. When people come over now they almost immediately compliment the look.

It’s amazing how different the poker tables look. Next year we’ll probably purchase a couple more tables since our weekly events are getting larger. For now though we’ll stick with what we’ve got. When the time comes though, we’ll continue buying the Suited Medium Blue Texas Holdem Poker Table Felt and will look forward to new memories created in our mini-casino. Who could ask for anything more?

Artist Cris McDonald – Race As an Artistic Non-Issue

There is amongst us a woman and a modern artist who cares not for the trappings of race – or rather, she cares a lot. She cares enough to disregard it, taking only what is below the hair, freckles, hairy moles, hairy warts, and burn and scratch scars, capturing it in oil on canvas.

Her name is Cris McDonald. She goes by “Chris.” Enemies call her “Chris.” Friends call her “Chris.” Complete mocha-sipping strangers call her Chris. She is a Caucasian woman with beautifully dark skin, hair and eyes. She is a woman for whom the general public has always asked, “What race are you?” She even learned some Spanish for those who assumed she spoke it.

She paints her own face and portrait a lot as most women would be rather complaintful about such a thoroughfare. That is pretty much how us women are. We complain about a lot, and are weird about our image.

Famous people only provide fodder for this Texas-born and residing artist. She has painted Martin Luther King, Geronimo, Frank Sinatra, Jimmy Hendrix, Prince, and Jim Morrison.

Many family members have not escaped the lock and key that is her brush stroke. She has painted them as members of different races or of an ambiguous one. But, she has captured many of them.

Children are also one of her favorite subjects. For me, these are the most enchanting of all of her works. Ms. McDonald is the life capturing the life.

Ms. McDonald is a fairly recent college graduate. It took her longer than usual, as she has had to work and put herself through. It is characteristic of her tenacity, commitment, and recognition of what is important.

I wish all artists had her sunny disposition, funny personality, and love of all that is innocent. (Even her Daschund’s name is Sunny!) Indeed, the world would be a better place.