Suited Purple Texas Holdem Poker Table Cloth Critical Overview

What would you do if you were an interior designer and a family wanted you to decorate a casino in their basement? It’s definitely not something myself or my colleagues are used to doing, but it was fun nonetheless. You can only imagine how ridiculous and stressful this became because we wanted to make everything perfect. Unfortunately, the time line didn’t allow us to be as picky as we normally can be.

You have to understand that while we were on a budget here, we still had to come up with a table for Blackjack, Craps, Roulette, Let It Ride, Caribbean Stud, and of course Texas Holdem. Then each one of them had to match the decor that was surrounding. This included new lighting, a mini-bar, pictures, paint schemes, and many other variables that made this project look like a huge obstacle.

So after about ten days, we had finally gotten everything just how we wanted it, except for the poker tables. They each had this green felt that really didn’t bring out the room at all. We had to come up with a new plan and what it included was a Suited Purple Texas Holdem Poker Table Cloth. Now, before you think purple just sounds a little off the beaten path, it’s not and we’ll tell you why.

One of the biggest reasons we chose the color is because it accents the trim around the entire basement. No, the trim isn’t purple, but putting them together just brings out a whole new look. Since the Suited Purple Texas Holdem Poker Table Cloth has a diamond pattern within, it makes the tone extremely relaxing for everyone who plans on playing in their little casino. It’s too bad we can’t show you the finished product here.

So how did we come across the Suited Purple Texas Holdem Poker Table Cloth? Well, a couple of my associates went down to the local store, but we could never get a color that really portrayed a somber appeal. This meant we had to find a collection online and since we were running out of money for this project, it had to be something that wasn’t too expensive. Amazingly enough, we found a place that offered a perfect match and at a low cost.

It ended up being our best purchase because it changed the whole complexion of the room. In fact, the couple we were doing this for weren’t very happy with the end result before we purchased the Suited Purple Texas Holdem Poker Table Cloth, but afterwards they became extremely receptive. It just goes to show you that it doesn’t matter what type of fancy pictures or furniture you have because something as little as felt can make all the difference.

Take it from someone who has been doing this for a living for over ten years. Even if you have no idea what you’re doing, just make sure you don’t overlook the small stuff. Why? Because in the end, it could make all the difference in the world and then some.

Painting and Preparing Your Garage Floor

When speaking about preparing the garage floor. You need to keep the floor or the ground clean; free from dirt, oil and derbies because such things will make the bonding of the cement difficult. So try using a good detergent and a scrubber with stiff bristles to scrub away all the dirt. You many even give an acid wash to make the ground much cleaner. Give more attention, if you find any cracks when cleaning the floor. So try fixing those cracks before you make the concrete mixture. All cracks can be filled with epoxy paste which will dry faster and the excess can be scraped off.

Make sure you always keep the ground free from dirt after cleaning. If you think there is any moisture in the garage ground, here is a small test that you can do. Cut a small piece of plastic sheeting; tape all the edges on the floor. If you find water collecting under the plastic sheet due to evaporation, then it shows that your garage floor contains moisture.

Once the garage ground is ready, make a proper mixture of the cement to lay them. Make sure you apply them at all the corner of the garage. All newly prepared garage floors should be allowed to dry completely for sixty days before painting or giving a coating. All unpainted concrete floors need to be acid treated or etched using muriatic acid before painting them. If the floor is already painted, the coating has to be sanded down using a sand paper. Once you scrap or sand the painted floor, wash the floor with water and allow it to dry completely. Here are some materials that you need to start painting the garage floor. You need to have garage floor paint or epoxy, brushers and rollers, painter’s tape, extension handle, paint tray and decorative chips; this is only an optional but using chips will make your garage floor look awesome! Try using colored chips like electric blue bend, dusty trail, bright yellow, dark earth tone, light blue, purple, etc., for the floor color choices, use colors like beige, tile red, taupe, slate, charcoal and grey.

Paint the garage floor with the reference of the manufacturer’s directions and tips. Once you have done with painting the floor using a roller, you can give a second coat using the same technique and start applying the chips. Once done, give at least 72 hours for drying and the floor doesn’t need a topcoat.

With Love From Nacogdoches

For the past few years, I’ve spent time “Behind the Piney Veil” of Deep East Texas which includes Nacogdoches. These dense and ever-present forests are home to deer, wild pigs and critters of all shapes and sizes. At night, they are the stuff of nightmares and tales of Big Foot sightings.

I can see that Texas tries to tell her story with relics and old churches out in fields-long ago abandoned. Some are brought back to life with funeral rites, family reunions and homecomings. These old wooden churches probably painted white again and again during active years.

Regional antiques point to a harder time, when the soil was tilled and town was for supplies. Wash boards and hand-held plows stand as relics of the movement of pioneers across the newly forming United States.

One of the best gifts we can do for the next generations is leave them a sense of the history and the struggles that were championed and overcome by ancestors. Bringing anything back to life is a labor of love-a car, an old house, a marriage.

One odd info bit that came up was that pieces of the Space Shuttle Challenger landed all over Nacogdoches County when it blew up in the ’80s. NASA and Houston are just a few hours away. I was also told that arrow heads are found throughout the fields when local farmers plow.

Local artisans paint mostly. I’ve found a few sculpture artists, quilt makers, wood carvers and artists that create wearable pieces. Area antique outlets and estate sales would make collectors drool.

Painters are the major focus of the local art world. Sculpture art comes out of the SFA pool of student art projects. A few galleries in the well-kept downtown have occasional shows. One woman makes chakra necklaces at the Farmer’s Market and hand made ‘hippie’ wearables showed up at the local ‘Trade Days’ outdoor market.

Situated about three hours from a major airport puts Deep East Texas in a pocket that isn’t disturbed by the growth that areas like Dallas and Houston have experienced. People are more influenced by what others are doing, saying and wearing than what is broadcast through media.

More than a few menus in town offer chicken fried steak, grits and sweet tea. Home made pies, cakes, breads, jams and honey show up at area Farmers’ Market. A number of area residents sell at the outdoor market in town which is open Wednesday afternoon and until noon on Saturday.

At the Piney Woods Fair, there were beautifully groomed animals, an impressive local painting and photo contest and a well-attended cheerleader competition. Teens from local high schools built trailers, deer blinds and wood creations for show and competition.

Some of the local accents are so strong that it almost takes a code talker to understand them. The lingo and colloquialisms are charming. The oldest town in Texas, Nacogdoches teems with trucks, farmer’s tans and western hats.

Texas has produced many originals. Rodeo sprang from the town of Pecos many years ago. The sport is now international and the NFR is well attended and widely broadcast. Someone was checking out the movie ‘8 Seconds’ last time I was at the video store.

At its own pace and compared to none, Texas is a place where the wild west, cowboys and good manners thrive. In California, I was deemed ‘too friendly’ but back home in Texas, I blend in due to the shared layers of rules one absorbs through the years.

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