Suited Purple Texas Holdem Poker Table Cloth Critical Overview

What would you do if you were an interior designer and a family wanted you to decorate a casino in their basement? It’s definitely not something myself or my colleagues are used to doing, but it was fun nonetheless. You can only imagine how ridiculous and stressful this became because we wanted to make everything perfect. Unfortunately, the time line didn’t allow us to be as picky as we normally can be.

You have to understand that while we were on a budget here, we still had to come up with a table for Blackjack, Craps, Roulette, Let It Ride, Caribbean Stud, and of course Texas Holdem. Then each one of them had to match the decor that was surrounding. This included new lighting, a mini-bar, pictures, paint schemes, and many other variables that made this project look like a huge obstacle.

So after about ten days, we had finally gotten everything just how we wanted it, except for the poker tables. They each had this green felt that really didn’t bring out the room at all. We had to come up with a new plan and what it included was a Suited Purple Texas Holdem Poker Table Cloth. Now, before you think purple just sounds a little off the beaten path, it’s not and we’ll tell you why.

One of the biggest reasons we chose the color is because it accents the trim around the entire basement. No, the trim isn’t purple, but putting them together just brings out a whole new look. Since the Suited Purple Texas Holdem Poker Table Cloth has a diamond pattern within, it makes the tone extremely relaxing for everyone who plans on playing in their little casino. It’s too bad we can’t show you the finished product here.

So how did we come across the Suited Purple Texas Holdem Poker Table Cloth? Well, a couple of my associates went down to the local store, but we could never get a color that really portrayed a somber appeal. This meant we had to find a collection online and since we were running out of money for this project, it had to be something that wasn’t too expensive. Amazingly enough, we found a place that offered a perfect match and at a low cost.

It ended up being our best purchase because it changed the whole complexion of the room. In fact, the couple we were doing this for weren’t very happy with the end result before we purchased the Suited Purple Texas Holdem Poker Table Cloth, but afterwards they became extremely receptive. It just goes to show you that it doesn’t matter what type of fancy pictures or furniture you have because something as little as felt can make all the difference.

Take it from someone who has been doing this for a living for over ten years. Even if you have no idea what you’re doing, just make sure you don’t overlook the small stuff. Why? Because in the end, it could make all the difference in the world and then some.